Will Grand Theft Auto Four Live Up To Its Hype?

Has there ever been a more anticipated new game than Grand Theft Auto Four? As I write this on April 16, 2008. there are already people all over the world camping in tents outside gaming stores waiting for the May 1, 2008 launch.

“Sure,” you say, “there are always a few nutjobs out there lining up for any new entertainment release.” There is nothing new anymore about seeing people living in tents to be first in line to get a new product or see a new movie.

But the buzz around Grand Theft Auto Four has also reached Wall Street and analysts are predicting it will not only be the biggest launch in gaming history (anticipated to smash Halo 3’s box office record of $300 million in its first week last year), but it is also expected to topple all records for the entire entertainment industry as well. Based on pre-orders, it is expected to break the $404 million raked in by Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

And that is not all when it comes to Wall Street’s interest. Grand Theft Auto Four’s creator, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. has been the target of a $2 billion buyout offer by Electronic Arts Inc., which it recently rebuffed. Most financial analysts predict that a slightly higher offer is in the works, so only time will tell if such a merger will take place.

But all this financial talk begs the question of whether Grand Theft Auto Four will live up to its hype when gamers finally get their hands on it May 1. Based on early reviews, the game has a realism never before seen. The streets of Liberty City come alive with hustle and bustle, and it has a sense of place that reportedly puts one right into this gritty metropolis.

Add that to the fact that its streets will soon be filled with mayhem come May 1, and you have a reason for fans sleeping in pup tents around the world.

Grand Theft Auto 5: A Review of GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t just a video game franchise. It’s an embodiment for an entire genre of video games.

It is an extensive tale of criminal minded maniacs on a self-destructing trajectory to hell. The game is set mostly within the superficially glitzy city of Los Santos. It mirrors the blood-splattered lives of many in Los Angeles. With some of the most astounding imagery of the dense downtown Los Santos with all its soaring skyscrapers and rubbish filled alley-ways. This is not just another enjoyable game, but also a fitting satire of contemporary American life.

The multi-pronged user interface of the game, allows the user to play the same mission in different ways. It is without any doubt at the pinnacle of open world video game design.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise is a British video game series that was created originally by programmers David Jones and mike daily. It was later joined by brothers Dan and Sam Houser as well as game designer Zachary Clarke.

The series is always set in a fictional locality but with striking resemblance to large American cities. Incidentally an expansion for the original was based in London.

The game play is always open world allowing player to choose missions packed with action-adventure, third person shooting, stealth, racing and at times role playing.

From its origin in 1997 there are now ten stand-alone games and four expansion packs. In each game in the series the player takes on the role of a criminal or wannabe crime lord who sits on the top of organized crime as the game progress.

If you were to look back at the original installment of the series, you’ll see that the core game-play elements that were present in the first title were a game cast of small time car thieves with big time dreams. It had a six level split between three cities namely: Liberty city, San Andreas and vice city.

The appeal of the game in the early days was its looks but its functionality. It used a top down 2D view with a freedom to stray from the guided mission structure.

The free flowing video game gave playercities to roam with uninhibited freedom to behave disgracefully and recklessly, in an almost surreal real-world experience. Through the game you’ll experience pedestrian crossing or wandering the streets, cars halting at traffic lights, ambulance and fire engines responding to death or some other type of death and destruction.

Back to the present installment of the franchise Grand Theft Auto V, the game is played in the third person and combines both driving adventure and action gameplay in an open world environment.

Grand Theft Auto IV – What’s it Like Then?

Grand Theft Auto IV has received near-universal acclaim from video game critics and is the first console game in the series to include online multiplayer, with 15 modes of play available. It takes place in a redesigned version of Liberty City consisting of four boroughs, based on four of the boroughs of New York City.

Grand Theft Auto IV sees a shift in the series to a more realistic and detailed style and tone, partly a result of the transition to consoles which offered high-definition graphics and the new and improved capabilities of such consoles. As stated, all takes place in a redesigned version of Liberty City consisting of four boroughs, based on four of the boroughs of New York City, however the rendition of Liberty City itself is far more detailed and is the largest individual city in the whole series to date.

The game is structured similarly to previous games in the series and features a soundtrack that can be heard through radio stations while the player is in a vehicle. For the first time in the series though, Grand Theft Auto IV features “morality choices” at several points throughout the game, in which the player is forced to choose between killing a character or sparing his life, or killing one of two characters. Minor crimes, such as assault, public discharge of a firearm and homicide, continue to be handled by police patrols just as before.

To date, Grand Theft Auto IV has the largest soundtrack for a video game with 214 songs while upon its release, it claimed two entertainment industry sales records, posting the best single-day and seven-day sales totals for a video game.

This is truly a superb game as sales of it will testify. If you’re thinking of getting yourself one, you certainly will not be disappointed.

Grand Theft Auto

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