Grand Theft Auto (GTAIV) on PS3

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV) on PS3 is a game with an amazing and nonlinear storyline, a game with a great protagonist who you can’t help but like, and a game that boasts a large selection of online multiplayer features in addition to its lengthy story mode. Of course, it is not without some flaws, but GTAIV is undoubtedly the best Grand Theft Auto yet.

The Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3 story starts with Niko Bellic stepping off a boat in Liberty City, which is modeled after New York City. Right away, you get the sense that Rockstar North’s latest GTA offering is something very special. Yes, this is another Grand Theft Auto game in which you’ll probably spend most of your time stealing cars and gunning down cops and criminals, but it’s so much more than that. You will find that Niko decides to help out Roman with his rundown cab stand and keep thugs off his back until he can figure out how to make money and connections in Liberty City. You also get to discover the real reasons that Niko left his homeland.

So begins Grand Theft Auto IV, the newest – and easily the best – entry in the wildly popular GTA series. The game manages to take the tried-and-true already successful game experience , which involves taking missions to earn cash and climb the corporate ladder of a criminal operation or sightseeing in Liberty City, and turns it into something that feels completely new and updated. Some even claim that it a gaming masterpiece that is a picture-perfect snapshot of the underworld of today’s big cities

When the pedestrians, cars and buildings became repetitive in previous GTA releases it was always tempting to get bored, steal a cop car and end up in your own North Hollywood shootout. There are many more times as many distractions in GTA IV, including working cell phones, televisions that can flip channels and the Liberty City version of the Internet. This time, the mundane is as interesting as the some of the unsavory elements of the game.

But that’s not to say it’s empty of meaning. GTA IV is a crass cultural commentary that mocks the American media’s obsession with sex and violence and money. This is the reason why so many people in the media and government are bothered by the Grand Theft Auto games. For example, the Chicago Transit Authority pulled 385 ads for the game from its subways, but the same organization has no problem letting violent films advertise in the same places.) If these people actually played GTA IV, maybe they would realize that not all videogames are for kids and ultimately get the joke – that the game also rejects the violence, sexism, and consumerism it appears to embrace. It is worth mentioning that Grand Theft Auto IV is definitely for a mature audience.

In case you haven’t guessed already, Grand Theft Auto IV on PS3 is a game that you will have to play to appreciate it. The single-player game, which you can still play long after you complete the story, is the series’ best by far, and the multiplayer features are good enough that you’ll likely have no problem finding people to play with you for many months into the future. The minor flaws that you’ll experience are no different than those in previous GTA games, and they’re greatly outnumbered by the new features that will amaze you anytime just when you think you have already seen everything that the game has to offer.