Grand Theft Auto V Challenges You

Video games lovers are in for a big treat with the entry of Grand Theft Auto V which is to be released mid September. This is the very first time that it is being introduced into the Grand Theft Series. Rockstar North created the game and used the services of Rockstar games to publicize it. Anyone who played the previous series will agree that Grand Theft Auto V leaves you both thrilled and challenged. It also allows the player to use their creative side in order to successfully conclude each mission.

About the game

Grand Theft Auto V is among the video games with a dramatic tension and action feel. It allows the player to use various arms and forms of transportation in ensuring that the mission does not backfire. The arms available are guns and explosives which should be used to deter the enemy from following or hindering the player from accomplishing their mission. There are many other options including swimming and jumping which come in handy if the player finds themselves in dangerous situations. For faster movement motorbikes and cars are used.

The game involves three people (Trevor, Michael and Franklin) who are using their diverse skills to rob in order to get rich. Although at the beginning of the game it may not appear as though they are working together, the three operate as a team and towards the end of the game this will be more visible. Video games are about using what has been given to get what has not been provided. In Grand Theft Auto V the player is forced to use the specific skills possessed by the three to come out victorious. Remember, each of them has eight different skills which the player should make use of when faced with certain challenges. For instance, while Trevor is a pilot, Michael is a good shooter and Franklin is a great driver with the ability to slow down time to their advantage. Not only is Trevor a good pilot but he is also able to cause hell on his enemies.

Like any other video games there are illegalities which come with penalties when it comes to this game. In the event that you commit any illegal acts authoritative forces will come after you. If you keep failing to follow law and order you will see several stars which are an indication that what you are doing is wrong. For you to save your neck the best thing will be to get out of the area where you are being looked for. Anyone who has played the previous games will find this one both interesting and involving.