Grand Theft Auto

Thefts and robberies occur in all societies. People want something that is otherwise difficult for them to obtain, so they steal it. Some robberies are small, such as stealing candy from a store. Others are worse, such as breaking into someone’s home and stealing stuff. Others are even more severe, like stealing computers and televisions. Among this last category, theft of automobiles is also included. Automobile theft is called grand theft auto. Grand theft auto, despite common belief, does not include on car theft but also of trucks, buses, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and trailers, among other motor vehicles.

Grand theft auto can occur for a number of reasons. The thieves may want simply want to take the car for joyriding. Or, they may want to dismantle the car or remove various parts from the car and resell those parts. Another reason why grand theft auto occurs is simply to sell the car to someone else. Also, some thieves may simply want to transport themselves somewhere and may abandon the car once they are done using it.

It can occur in a number of ways. A thief may just break into a parked car and start it up without the need of any keys. Or, a thief may have obtained keys somewhere and somehow without the car owner’s knowledge and/or permission. Then, all the thief has to do is literally open the door and drive away. Next, there is also a type called ‘opportunistic theft,” which occurs when an owner of a car leaved it open and unattended and someone just drives away in it. Furthermore, a fake payment to a car’s owner for the car is also a type of grand theft auto. If someone gives a check that will bounce, that is grand theft auto as well. Finally, the most common perception of grand theft auto: forcefully taking possession of car from someone. For example, if someone is sitting in a car and another individual comes and points a gun at the driver to force the driver out, or uses other physical violence to force the driver out, then that is grand theft auto.

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