Newest Grand Theft Auto Games

As soon as news of a new Grand Theft Auto Game became reality and the San Andreas edition finally became available on the market the world of Internet car games changed for good.

The new Grand Theft Auto game, San Andreas, was released on the market in its PS2 version in late 2004 in North America, Europe and Australia and in early 2007 in Japan. The Xbox and Windows versions were released in 2005. Although it is similar in structure to the previous Grand Theft Auto game, the San Andreas is larger than life in possibilities. The game now covers a whole state consisting of three different cities: Los Santos which corresponds to Los Angeles, Las Venturas modeled after Las Vegas and San Fierro which is the virtual equivalent of San Francisco in this new Grand Theft Auto game.

The characters can now walk, jump, run, climb as well as swim and there is a much wider list of weapons available to the player. Now that the potential for violence and crime has been raised considerably the authorities are more specialized: the minor infractions are still handled by the police, but when a crime is committed the military, the FBI and the SWAT teams take over. The list of vehicles that you can use seems endless. From sports cars to trucks, limousines and tanks, busses, coaches, helicopters or airplanes, you will certainly fin your favorite means of transportation here.

The beauty of the new Grand Theft Auto game is that a player can choose to simply disregard the missions and just go driving around the city, swimming in the ocean or flying a helicopter. This pleasure cruise, however, will not help him advance to the next level of difficulty of the game or earn him any points. In addition to the missions, this Grand Theft Auto game also offers numerous minigames that you can play at your leisure: pool, basketball, video games and even gambling.

Complete with amazing graphics, this new Grand Theft Auto game is sure to provide you with countless hours of wicked fun.